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                     The central campus of Ilam University of Medical Sciences

Ilam University of Medical Sciences (Medilam) was founded in 1986. Medilam is the official medical university of the Ilam province which associated with the Iranian Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education ministry.  Medilam provides healthcare and treatment services to the community. Medilam with seven vice-chancellors, five faculties, 11 hospitals, and 63 healthcare centers tries to accomplish its research, education, and healthcare missions.

This university welcomes qualified students and researchers to educate and investigate in a wide range of medical fields including medicine, pharmacology, allied medical sciences, dentistry, health sciences, nursing, and midwifery.

The education schedule is semester-based. The fall semester begins in September and ends in January while the spring semester begins in February and ends in June.

  • Address: End of Pajouhesh Blvd, Ilam - Iran
  • Postal Code: 6931851147 
  • Phone Number:08432227152
  • Phone Number: 08432227106
  • Fax Number: 08432227136
  • Email: International@medilam.ac.ir